EP Review: Letters Sent Home – Fire In Me (Hassle Records)

German alt-rock/dark-pop quartet Letters Sent Home are proud to present their new EP, Fire in Me, to be released the 16th of December via Hassle Records.

Fire In Me will be available as a limited vinyl release with 3 new versions of their hit ‘Misery Loves Company’. The digital version of Fire in Me has the ‘Misery Loves Company (Stripped)’ version as a bonus track.

Pop-infused ambience, electronica and heartfelt vocals greet on opening track, Fire. The tone might be melodramatic but the taste of realness, thanks to the lyrical content, is palatable. The two selling points of this track are the atmosphere and the vocals.

Born to Die then changes things up with a raucous alt-rock anthem. One with the same amount of passion, but with an innate catchiness that explodes into a memorable chorus. A sure-fire radio hit. Although the same can certainly be said about Phoenix too. As the energetic melodies, punchy groove and upbeat vocals make this one a bit of a banger.

It’s here that the versions of Fire in Me separate. Pick up the digital version and you’ll get one more track. A stripped back version of Letters Sent Home’s hit Misery Loves Company. A track that is all the more emotional with even less layers. It also appears on the physical version, alongside two other versions of the song.

The first, featuring Joel Quartuccio of Being as an Ocean, and the other, called LSH Version. Both certainly offer up different takes on the beloved track but there’s no arguing that the physical version of the EP is for the hardcore fan only.

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Letters Sent Home - Fire In Me (Hassle Records)
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