EP Review: KLYNT – This is Revenge (Self Released)

Power Thrash Metal from Graz, Austria: KLYNT combine epic hymns with a raw, primal sound – epic as fuck! On their new EP ‘This Is Revenge’ KLYNT deliver their eccentric style more uncompromising and straight – straight into the faces of those who put their ego over metal! The time for revenge is now. KLYNT ‘EM ALL!

With the sound of an old-school video game, a demonic voice and static-fuzz, we are welcomed to KLYNT and their revenge. The intro of Bringer of Doom will tell you plenty about what you can expect from these metallers but if you’re not sure the ass-kicking that Wildaxe dishes out will do the job. Fast, heavy, clean, horn-throwing and head-banging thrash metal with the added inventive touch of power metal. It’s such a banging start, big smiles all round guaranteed.

With momentum on their side, only idiots would drop the ball now. Happily KYLNT are not idiots and while Bloodstained and Driven might have a slower tempo, it’s not lacking in any department. A track that creates the image of a group of barbarians on horseback, riding through desolate wastelands with the skulls of their enemies crushed underneath their horses hooves. It’s powerful, excitable and will make you feel twice as big.

Berserk Prayer follows that with a very traditional classic thrash sound. You know the score, hyper riffing and drumming, vocals ripped straight from the devils throat and to keep it sounding KLYNT, a powerful singalong chorus and crazy fun guitar solo.

One of the best EPs of the year, This is Revenge comes to its end with an epic. An 8+ minute epic called Question of Steel. It’s an absolute mission that KLYNT set out on here, one that seems insurmountable but as expected, they surpass expectations and then some.

Utterly brilliant. Get that fist-pumping arm into shape, it’s needed.

KLYNT – This is Revenge Full Track Listing:

1. Bringer of Doom
2. Wildaxe
3. Bloodstained and Driven
4. Berserk Prayer
5. Question of Steel




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KLYNT - This is Revenge (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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