EP Review: Kalliste / Weep – Split (Liminal Dread Productions)

Liminal Dread Productions presents a split EP featuring the DBSM talents of Tennessee based Kalliste, and Minnesota based Weep. The split EP is out now in both digital and physical formats.

DBSM aka the infamous sub-genre that is depressive suicidal black metal. It’s not for everyone and that’s being nice about it. This split features two solo artists who bring the forth a blend of menacingly feverish atmosphere and mind-numbing black metal.

First up is Kalliste with Black Clouds & Endless Rain, and Fevered Dreams. A pair of tracks to suck the life out of you through sheer dissonance and uninhibited horror. The chilling instrumentation and melody echoes forlornly through the mind, all while the vocals howl with the strength of a bitter winter wind. Both tracks offer up high levels of gloominess and flow together nicely but it’s the latter of the two that really stands out.



The second half of the EP features Weep and sees a heavier, more meaty style of blackened metal, but twisted by melancholic melody. Two tracks, This Life We Shared and This Great Abyss. Two tracks that elect a myriad of feelings, most based in despondency and anguish.

It’s a strong DBSM release that isn’t so heavy on the depressive side as to put off a casual listener. Both Kalliste and Weep showcase their talents and deliver exciting variations on the sub-genre.

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Kalliste / Weep – Split (Liminal Dread Productions)
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