EP Review: IOTA – Tyrants (Self Released)

Bristol-based rock five-piece IOTA will release their debut EP ‘Tyrants’ on November 25th, 2022. Written during a strained period of time for each member, Tyrants provided the band with a needed outlet in which they could express themselves.

We’ve been enjoying IOTA’s recent output as of late, so it’s great to see them get their debut EP out. Especially as it features four tracks that don’t fall into the conventional rock genre. That statement, immediately proved by off-kilter rhythm, punk-rock infused vocals and the anthemic chorus of Demons. It’s chaotic but extremely listenable. Whereas Ballet Box has more straight-forward groove with melodic tone shifts and bursts of passion.

Sometimes bleeds heartfelt passion though. A melodramatic rock bouncer that has a pensive quality to it while being suitably energised. The vocals are easily the high point of the track but the punch of the chorus is well worth mentioning too. Bursts of intensity and harder rhythmic points makes this one hell of a memorable listen.

Before the EP wraps up with Control. A track with thick thrums of bass, post-tinged riffs, a foot-tapper of a drum beat and vocals that deliver an empathic statement. IOTA ending their debut EP on an absolute high.

Keep an eye on this band. Based off the four tracks on this EP, it’s clear they’re going places.

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IOTA – Tyrants (Self Released)
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