EP Review: Insurgent – Sentient (Self Released)

Bands don’t come any fresher than Insurgent, a thrilling new prospect from the UK with their debut EP ‘Sentient’. Out on August 6th, 2021.

Get on board now because the Insurgent train is about to pick up some serious speed and just about everyone is going to be scrambling to jump on. This debut has all the hallmarks of a band that could be absolutely huge in years to come.

The maturity in the song-writing beggars belief and their blend of chunky prog-metal, emotive melodies and angst-fuelled stadium anthems is going to have wide and varied appeal.

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Sentient is written from the perspective of a God-like figure. Through this figure the band analyse negative behaviour of humans and spiritual reflection and criticism of our creator. However, this EP is something of an inspirational listen as Insurgent look to express the view that everyone has the power to improve the world, by improving themselves.

That’s a powerful message and one that most people can easily get behind. Do you know what’s also really easy to get behind? Just how strong a debut this! One of 2021’s most infectious releases, it will be on repeat until the next Insurgent release.

Insurgent – Sentient Full Track Listing:

1. Zero Sum
2. Counterpart
3. Dogma
4. Colours Bleed
5. Eclipse
6. My Sentence Awaits




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Insurgent - Sentient (Self Released)
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