EP Review: Idiot Sect – Idiot Sect (Self Released)

Idiot Sect is an ill-conceived grindcore/thrash metal band, stillborn into the noxious blight of urban Massachusetts during the summer of 2017. With no regard for the puppetry of human life, and no concern for the confinement of mundane reality, Idiot Sect seeks to subvert the pious, and deform the devout, beyond all recognition.

The debut, self titled EP will be released in downloadable and streaming digital format on Thursday, March 21st 2019.



5 tracks long and coming in at just 7 minutes, blink and you’ll miss this intense slice of grinding thrash-influenced metal.

As short as it is, Idiot Sect absolutely pack it with wild potent savagery while still remaining cleverly structured and flowing. From the longest track (Rite of Imbecile) at 2 minutes to the 24 seconds of Burial Sequence, this EP delivers on its promise of disturbingly hard hitting grind. Although the former, also the opener is far more rooted in chugging thrash.

It carries into War of the Wretched Lands with more force as the guitars become a bit more unhinged and the vocals step into play with venom. As the following tracks get more shorter, things get more and more troubled and the sound of Idiot Sect’s grinding gears really becomes more prominent leading to an eventual eruption on Piss Blood, Stake Claim.

Well worth 7 minutes of your time!

Idiot Sect 1

Idiot Sect – Idiot Sect Full Track Listing:

1. Rite of Imbecile
2. War of the Wretched Lands
3. Bury Blade of Wrath
4. Burial Sequence
5. Piss Blood, Stake Claim

The EP can be ordered over on Bandcamp.


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Idiot Sect - Idiot Sect (Self Released)
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