EP Review: I Fight Bears – Liberosis (Self Released)

Liberosis is the new EP from South Wales metalcore hard-hitters, I Fight Bears. It will be released on Friday the 24th of June 2022.

Bristling with energy and intensity, there’s a bit more going on with I Fight Bears than just metacore. Even if that is the camp they have well and truly planted their flag in.

Kicking off with an irrational explosion of hyperactivity and vocally driven aggression, Beacon is all about intensity at first. However, I Fight Bears really grow into their metalcore skin and unleash melody and a strong chorus. Before dropping an absolute barn-burner of a guitar solo at the end of the track.

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A guitar solo in a metalcore track? It’s touches like that which makes I Fight Bears more than just your run of the mill ‘core’ band. Something that is further exemplified by the head-banger that is Chainbreaker and the bullish groove of Damaged World. Infectious and appealing heaviness.

Something that continues into the frenzied State, a track that has I Fight Bears unearthing even more blistering heaviness and exuding a ton of passion. Brilliant stuff. Which makes the ending of Believe in Me a tad disappointing simply because the EP is coming to an end. Still, I Fight Bears go out with a crash and bang. Where a surprising amount of melodrama sneaks in but they still deliver a spitting and snarling heavyweight closer.

I Fight Bears – Liberosis Full Track Listing:

1. Beacon
2. Chainbreaker
3. Damaged World
4. State
5. Believe in Me


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I Fight Bears - Liberosis (Self Released)
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