EP Review: Hilltops Are For Dreamers – The Tragedy of Being Human (Self Released)

UK-based gothic/prog/alternative metal band Hilltops Are for Dreamers will release their new EP, ‘The Tragedy of Being Human’, on February 16th, 2024.

There’s a lot to take away from this three-track EP, the most obvious being that Hilltops Are for Dreamers’ music has a lot of layers. Drawing from a wealth of inspirations from across the metal landscape and finding new and interesting ways to bend genre limitations. Their soundscape isn’t restricted, and they utilise that freedom to take the listener on a journey.

Which is saying something as this EP only has three tracks, but what a set of tracks they are.

Across these three efforts, the group really showcase their creativity. Dramatic melodies with alternative twists of groove, gothic tones, and bursts of progressively tuned heaviness. It won’t take long for The Tragedy of Being Human to win listeners over, and just as importantly, leave listeners wanting more.

Though that’s not to say what is given here isn’t substantial, because it is. It’s just not quite enough, but hey, that just makes for an exciting point in the future when this band releases whatever comes next.

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Hilltops Are for Dreamers – The Tragedy of Being Human Track Listing:

1. The Firmament
2. Hyacinth
3. Timeless Time


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Hilltops Are For Dreamers – The Tragedy of Being Human (Self Released)
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