EP Review: Headwreck – Glamorise Demise (Self Released)

Blending aggressive metal and electronic influences with lush melodies that soar, Brisbane’s Headwreck are making their own unique mark in the alternative music world with new six-track EP, ‘Glamorise Demise’.

Glamorise Demise offers an authentic take on the stages of dealing with a dissociative disorder (specifically Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder) through the lens of vocalist Connor Hickman in a package that oozes both experience and sophistication.

He says:

The lyrics of the EP tell the story of my initial symptoms, a false diagnosis and then to finally come to terms and having an answer for the reality warping feelings that I had and still have to this day.

Glamorise Demise is out on November 19th, 2021.

How do you stand out from the pack in the alternative metal world? It’s not easy these days, but Headwreck give it a damn good go with this medley of electronica, metalcore and melody-driven rock. A 6-track EP that has some unique things going for it even if they don’t appeal personally.

The heavy use of electronica on opener Empty Space is startling even if it’s not prominent throughout the entire track. It’s more that when it crops up, you really bloody notice it. Thankfully a punchy chorus and wilder instrumentation is still the main focus. The latter ‘build up and break down’ heaviness is class.

Eulogy also features a stonkingly good chorus and here, the electronica and metal blends together much better. Before The End of the Suite shows just how well Headwreck can do mellow melodies even if the vocal effect that crops up is down-right irritating. It’s a shame even if it is brief, as this is Headwreck’s most emotionally impacting track.

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Respite is a short, electronica-only effort that has some chilled-out vibes to it. Before Nicotine explodes with virulent energy, the band going hell for leather here. Albeit with their usual penchant for soaring choruses. Finally, Freefall is a jarring, mind-melting bout of intensity that really does epitomise the band’s name. Head wrecking stuff.

It’s a good EP but here’s the thing.

Every time I want to love it, some form of electronica ends up distracting or taking away from a track. Never to the point where it ruins it but I’m left feeling a bit colder about it overall. Headwreck are doing some interesting and unique things here, it’s just likely to be polarising.

Headwreck – Glamorise Full Track Listing:

1. Empty Space
2. Eulogy
3. The End of the Suite
4. Respite
5. Nicotine
6. Freefall


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Headwreck - Glamorise Demise (Self Released)
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