EP Review: Hadal Maw – Oblique Order (Blighttown Records)

Ever since their inception in 2012, Hadal Maw have moving forward gradually and steadily, developing a solid and loyal fan base. The band have toured consistently on their acclaimed releases “Senium” from 2014, “OLM” from 2017 and “Charlatan” from 2018.

After seething and conjuring during the Covid-19 lock-downs, Hadal Maw are now set to return with their most vicious material to date, “Oblique Order”. The EP presents four tracks of uncompromising and confronting aural violence whilst also introducing new members Liam Weedall (Dyssidia) and Jarrod Sorbian (Départe).

With flesh rendering technicality and bone-crushing brutality, Hadal Maw end 2021 with a showcase of where they are going next with their sound. Thanks, in part, to their new members but also because of a clear desire to evolve and push on.

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It’s still them though. It’s still rigid brutality and unforgiving heaviness mixed with sharp and ear-wormy technicalities. So, if you’ve been on the Hadal Maw journey, you’re certainly going to be staying aboard once you hear Oblique Order.

This EP is the perfect example of a band in total sync as every instrument fits together like pieces of a puzzle. They complement each other and never step on each other’s toes. A synchronised blast of ear-splitting aggression and dark-infused heaviness. The next couple of years are going to be very exciting for Hadal Maw fans based off what is heard here.

Hadal Maw – Oblique Order Full Track Listing:

1. Fetishize Consumption
2. Oblique Order
3. Future Eaters
4. Vile Veneration


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Hadal Maw - Oblique Order (Blighttown Records)
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