EP Review: Hacktivist – Over-Throne (UNFD/Rise Records)

This short EP from the electronica/rap-metal mob begins with the disappointing Over-Throne. It’s got a dis-jointed style with its beats but the dominating rapping really spoils what is some interesting music in the background. At just over 4 minutes it tries to jam in a serious amount into it. Rapping, breakdowns, slower clean-singing that builds back into the main bulk of the treacle. It’s all a bit messy.

Thankfully Taken fares much better thanks to the addition of Enter Shikari’s Rou Reynolds. An acoustic number it’s got a nice melody & the combo of spoken word/soft singing is pretty easy on the ears. Still, not a song that’s going to set the world alight.

It’s near impossible to recommend this EP thanks to the horrific Buszy (Timfy James remix). A rap/dance/occasional dirty vocals song that is painful to the ears.

The EP comes to a close with (Rock) Superstar. Initially interesting it quickly descends into a horrible rap song that’s only positive is the beat sitting behind the overly loud rapping. If you’re a die-hard Hacktivist fan you might get a kick out of this, everyone else should probably avoid.

Overall Track List:

1. Over-Throne
2. Taken (feat. Rou Reynolds)
3. Buszy (Timfy James Remix)
4. Rock (Superstar)


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Hacktivist - Over-Throne (UNFD/Rise Records)
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