Single Slam – Satan is Real by Kreator (Gods of Violence)

Following hot on the heels of Kreator’s last single, Gods of Violence, the band have released this latest song, Satan is Real. It is the second song from their new album, also called Gods of Violence, which is due to be released on the 27th of January 2017 through Nuclear Blast Records. I really enjoyed the first single from the album. Kreator are unashamedly thrash, they always have been and they always will be, and the single Gods of Violence is a proper example of modern thrash metal. Can the German, thrash metal champions pull off another Christmas cracker with this track?


Satan is Real is just over 4 and a half minutes long and starts with the sound of bells, like church bells, this isn’t a Christmas song. Before a crash of drums and a deep and riff take over with little moments of high pitch guitar lines punctuating the darkness. I love the riff running through the early stages of the song, it is dark and fast and infectious. The vocals in the verses are similar sounding on the heavier side with drawn out echoed ends to each line. As each verse progresses, lead guitars add more layers to the riff underneath Miland Petrozza’s vocals and it all appears to be building towards a big chorus but it doesn’t. Instead we get a timid sounding, almost childish chorus where “Satan Is Real” is repeated a few times along with some other short lines.

Musically, it is fine but lyrically, the chorus sucks. It does end with a huge guitar solo though which is great. Christian Giesler is again absolutely on point with musicianship and also Jurgen Reil sounds great on the drums. The instrumental section leads straight into that flat, disappointing chorus again though and it kind of kills the rest of the track. To pile on the misery, that chorus is then just repeated through the end though they do raise the pitch of the instruments and the vocals for the last couple repeats which adds a little more spice to it. In fact, I like the changed chorus, not the lyrics still though. It ends with a very fast thrashy drum and guitar section which is pretty neat though.

Miland Petrozza had the following to say about the new release: “Hordes! Here is the second video of the demon trilogy we have come up with, with the great people from Grupa13. Enjoy our new single ‘Satan Is Real’!”

Musically, the song is great, and is another great example of thrash metal done properly but I really don’t like the chorus. I guess it is fair to say that thrash metal can often have choruses similar to this, I mean, listen to Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All. Seek and Destroy is a great thrash tune but the chorus is literally just repeats of “searching seek and destroy”. Maybe I am being a little harsh but you like what you like right?

An okay song with some great musicianship on show and great thrash moments but a flat and disappointing chorus that sucks the enjoyment out of many other parts of the track. Nowhere near as good as the first single from the album, Gods of Violence, but there is still enough from both singles to make the new album release an exciting prospect.

Check the video and song out for yourself here and why not check the band out for more info on their website, or give them a like or follow over on Facebook or Twitter or both. If you like what you hear, why not pre order the album from Nuclear Blast?



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Satan is Real by Kreator (Gods of Violence)
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