EP Review: GraveCoven – Coughing Blood (Godz Ov War Productions)

Out on June 1st 2018 via Godz Ov War Productions, Coughing Blood is the new EP from California based blackened doom metal band, GraveCoven.

GraveCoven 2

The thundering drum beat, blackened guitars and blistering guttural vocals that bring GraveCoven into the light with Summoning Vengeance will make your hair turn white with the ferocious intent on display. Impossibly heavy with a deep layer of bassy groove, it’s a fantastic introduction to this new EP.

Furious Fires and Spiritual Violence continue the groundwork laid already with the former’s frantic start developing into an impressive piece of rhythmic metal. The squealing guitars sound like an animal being slaughtered while the vocals scream their approval for blood and guts. It’s hard not to agree.

The latter certainly has a similar effect except it’s your blood and guts that is to be spilled now.

The Ecstasy of Hatred makes sure things end of a high. The blackened vibe stronger then ever and the deathy assault one to remember. The most intense track on the entire EP, it’s a strong ending as the vocals howl from hidden depths filled with pain.

GraveCoven 1

GraveCoven – Coughing Blood Full Track Listing:

1. Summoning Vengeance
2. Furious Fires
3. Spiritual Violence
4. The Ecstasy of Hatred



You can pick up the EP via Godz Ov War Productions here and earlier releases via GraveCoven’s Bandcamp here. Find out more about GraveCoven via their Facebook Page.


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GraveCoven - Coughing Blood (Godz Ov War Productions)
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