EP Review: Grant The Sun – Grant The Sun (Mas-Kina Recordings)

An instrumental EP influenced by the likes of Meshuggah, Grant the Sun features members from Insense & Beaten to Death. They will release their self-titled EP on August 11th via Mas-Kina Recordings.

Grant 1

Six tracks long, Grant the Sun is filled with heavy riffs, prog/style melodies & complex but catchy rhythms. That’s about as close as you’re going to get to categorising this band.

Opening track, Haben Sie Angst is a slamming beat-driven piece of metal intersected with proggy riffs & hooks. There’s a nice undercurrent of groove to the track that simplifies the sound you’re hearing making it far more listenable. It lays a marker down for for the rest of the EP to try & better.

Fru Blodoks gives it a good try with its melodic moments breaking up the heavy drum beats & guitar riffs before Okologisk Rave adds some other-dimensional prog flurries.

To say that there’s a lot going on throughout the EP is an understatement. Grant the Sun have packed it with more hooks then a sadomasochist’s bedroom. Every single track sounds different, offers something different. As soon as it ends you’ll be going back to the start to try & pick up any little nuances that may have been missed.

The latter half of the EP brings an increase in volume & rhythm with Mord Og Slam, a belter of a track that pours its intensity out in waves. Seemingly impossible, Sound of Music betters that with incredibly exciting riffs & huge sounding drum beats. If Grant the Sun had called time on the EP at this stage, it would still have been an immensely satisfying record. Instead though we are lucky enough to get No Thanks, Yes.

The final song is a slower, moodier track that builds & builds towards a flash of blistering pace of furious drumming & rhythm. The outburst is short lived before No Thanks, Yes drops into a methodical chugging guitar sound that sees the EP out.

This is a work of art, an EP that is so exciting, so rich in flavour & so stunning it has to be heard by everyone. Spread the damn word, Grant the Sun are here.

Grant 2

Grant the Sun – Grant the Sun Full Track Listing:

1. Haben sie Angst
2. Fru Blodøks
3. økologisk Rave
4. Mord Og Slam
5. Sound of Music
6. No Thanks, Yes

Head over to Facebook where you can keep up to date with the release of the album & pick up Fru Blodøks over on Bandcamp here. You can also check out Mas-Kina Recordings on Facebook here.

Grant The Sun - Grant The Sun (Mas-Kina Recordings)
  • The Final Score - 10/10
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