EP Review: Gozer – The Path Always Leads To The End (Self Released)

After venturing through the vast scope of heavy music and experimenting with their sound, Gozer’s vision was realised with the album ‘An Endless Static’ released in 2022. Now, they are now set to release their continuation in the EP ‘The Path Always Leads to The End’ building off the themes of mental health found throughout their first release, this EP’s subject puts more focus on passing on and with it the unknown of what comes next.

The Path Always Leads to The End will be released on the 3rd of November.

With heavy themes, featuring grand and creative post-metal, and infused with a ton of sludgy elements, Gozer’s brilliance continues to shine with this new EP. One that features four tracks (one of which is an intro) and one that showcases a very confident band.

Following the gloomy intro of The Beginning, Gozer fully emerge from the darkness with the weighty post sound of Celestial River. Epic weight that is dark and cold, with heaviness that tears the soul apart, but with touches of haunting melody that offer brief glimmers of radiance. It’s very notable that there are no vocals for over half the track’s length, and few will miss them. Yet, when they do arrive, they just enhance the weight and make the experience even more intense. It’s an extraordinary track.

Gone Away is next and here, Gozer create atmosphere, extremely foreboding atmosphere, and a strong feeling of loneliness, isolation, and the deep, dark unknown. Creative cleverness that makes this EP more than just a stopgap between album releases. In fact, it’s disappointing that it’s not more substantial, as with Where the River Meets the Ocean, it ends.

Yet, what an ending this is. Peaceful melody and a touch of other worldliness, transforms effortlessly into something much more powerful. The sludgy tones giving this finale a doom-like feel, and once again, oozing dark and portentous atmosphere.

One of the most impressive, mentally taxing, and effective EPs released this year.

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Gozer – The Path Always Leads to The End Track Listing:

1. The Beginning
2. Celestial River
3. Gone Away
4. Where the River Meets the Ocean


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Gozer – The Path Always Leads To The End (Self Released)
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