EP Review: Frogg – A Reptilian Dystopia (Self Released)

Frogg has been in the works for years in the mind of Sky Moon Clark and over the years he has been inoculating a stash of riffs, licks, and raw emotion, which will now be poured out into the world. As the band puts it:

It’s a fiery punch to the gut.

A Reptilian Dystopia is the debut EP from the band, a creative and modern blend of metal that is both dark and melodic. It will be released on the 17th January 2020.

Clark quotes about the future material Frogg intends to release:

Our EP is kind of our raw sound put on a plate without much refinement, but it’s still the basic punch and flavour Frogg has to offer. Just think of the EP as our base, while our in-the-works Album I (expected 2021/2022) will be a more fleshed out form of Frogg with an emphasized focus on the overall songs start to finish.

Bursting into life with a colossus bang, it’s a technical monstrosity that greets listeners with Ancient Storm. It’s wild, it’s nasty but it’s built on a foundation of sharp riffs and ferocious groove..

With only four tracks to show what they’re made of, Frogg don’t hang about as Nuclear Storm brings some meatiness to the gunfire-like riffing while the drums pound away with complete abandon. It’s short and acts as an appetiser for DNA, a hefty slab of technical and progressive metal. The vocals howling with unrestrained anger and the guitars delivering horrific damage to the mind, body and soul. A never-ending assault that is by far the most impressive track on the EP.

Ranidaphobia could sound muted following that but that’s just not the Frogg way. One lasting impression for the metallers to leave, something they do very well.

Frogg – A Reptilian Dystopia Full Track Listing:

1. Ancient Rain
2. Nuclear Storm
3. DNA
4. Ranidaphobia




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Frogg - A Reptilian Dystopia (Self Released)
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