EP Review: Fenrir by Nordjevel (Indie Recordings)

Norwegian black metal band, Nordjevel, released their brand new EP titled Fenrir on the 7th May via Indie Recordings.

The five track EP, Fenrir, takes it’s name from Norse mythology where a wolf of great size and strength was born, named Fenrir, and became part of a tale that heralded the end of ancient Norse times. Despite the EP’s titling, it isn’t a concept album and instead is juts a representation on where Nordjevel feel they are as a band today. In the band’s own words:

“Fenrir” is an EP that shows all sides of Nordjevel, from the very beginning, right up to where we are now. We had a few extra tracks which we decided early on in the recording process didn`t fit our upcoming album, so we decided to include two tracks, the title track “Fenriir”, along with “Rovdyr”, and make them exclusively available for this EP. To make the release more special, we also decided to record ” Gnawing The Bones” which is one of the new songs that will be on the upcoming album. We also wanted to include a live track, so we mixed and mastered a version of ” Det Ror Og Ror” which was recorded live at Brutal Assault in 2019 by Hugo Alvarstein.

And of course we couldn’t miss the opportunity to record a cover of “Fallen Angel” by the mighty Possessed. It is our tribute to them as the pioneers they are for our music, and also to honour them after we had the pleasure of touring with them last year”.

Fenrir Nordjevel line up

Nordjevel are Doedsadmiral on Vocals, Destructhor and Valla on Guitars, Dzepticunt on Bass and Dominator on Drums.

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We get underway with the title track, Fenrir. It’s a dark and cold song, conjuring up images of Norsemen and their mythology. Despite being rooted in the traditional sound, their is a modern edge to the production that is welcome. The guitars sound brilliant, adding a dark melody over the vicious guttural vocals and violent rhythm section. The song has a couple different phases too to keep things fresh. The initial blistering blackness subsides for a more rhythmic, headbanging section. It’s a brilliant slab of black metal emphasised again when the speed returns to close out the song in a flurry of blast beats but still with that melodic undercurrent.

Gnawing the Bones takes things up even further with a raucous start that has jaw dropping drum speeds, a quick and relentless riff and the powerful growled vocals. Even amidst the fury, the droplets of melody give the track a bit of something extra. Dare I say, it’s catchy. A speedy solo continues the track on at break neck pace as the drummer must surely be on the verge of collapse. It’s so good though, a proper in your face blackened death metal track that would obliterate any mosh pit.

The final of the new songs is Rovdyr. We have had two heavy songs but very different tracks. One offering brutality with a touch of groove and melody whereas Gnawing the Bones was a relentless assault. Rovdyr sits nicely in the middle giving plenty of the intense dark aggression but with moments of intense groove and melody. The solos being one such mesmerising moment but also the sections were the drums kick into overdrive while the guitars drop a grooving riff all over us. Its almost strange but in a wonderful way. It’s so heavy, the vocals are intense and the music seems to engulf you but you will find yourself tapping your foot along with the moments of insane catchiness. Not at the end though. Only an Irish dancer on crack is keeping up with the insane speed the song hits as they close.

And so the new music closes but there is more. First up comes an excellent cover of Fallen Angel (Possessed). There are no real new boundaries hit here. It’s a solid cover and while it has the Nordjevel sound, it’s pretty much like for like and is a nice bit of additional content. The same can be said for the final track, a live recording of Det Ror og Ror from Nordjevel’s self titled 2016 debut release. It was recorded at Brutal Assault in 2019 and sounds great. As for as live recordings go, it really shows how tight the band are as it sounds like it could be a studio recording. It’s a dark, fast and heavy track and is a nice way to close out Fenrir. An EP of immense quality and up there with the very best released so far this year.

Grab a copy from Indie Recordings here or from Bandcamp, here.

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Fenrir by Nordjevel (Indie Recordings)

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