EP Review: Felis Catus – Banquet of the Moon (Masked Death Records)

Out on the 25th September 2018 via Masked Death Records, Banquet of the Moon is the new EP from oneiric, visionary and grotesque artist, Felis Catus. Banquet On The Moon breaks the boundaries of black/death metal to absorb rock, ambient and electronic shades in a timeless journey.

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Covering all instruments as well as vocals on the title track, Felis Catus’ is a multi-talented individual who creates a memorable sound on this four-track EP. The blend of rhythmic ambient rock and heavier segments alongside electronica makes for an interesting and unexpected sound.

A decent start, it’s Cydonia that really stands out though as it unleashes the black metal. Thanks, in part, to the darkness-covered vocals while also bringing forth a sci-fi level of electronica that will haunt dreams.

Keeping things fascinating and unique sounding, Baron Munchausen is a barn-burner with groovy riffing and trippy effects layered throughout before Eternity (The Nothingness) goes hard and heavy for a solid finale.

It’s easy to enjoy this EP as Felis Catus has bags of talent and plenty of imagination. Each track tells its own story and never fails to excite.

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Felis Catus – Banquet of the Moon Full Track Listing:

1. Banquet on The Moon
2. Cydonia (Feat. Gray Ravenmoon)
3. Baron Munchausen
4. Eternity (The Nothingness) (Feat. Alessandro Riva)

You can order the EP via Masked Death Records here and find out more about Felis Catus on Facebook.

Felis Catus – Banquet of the Moon (Masked Death Records)
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