EP Review: Fall of Humanity by Fall of Humanity (Self Released)

Fall of Humanity are a metalcore band from Syracuse, New York and they have just released their debut EP. That debut is the self titled, and self released, Fall of Humanity.

Fall of Humanity formed only in 2015 and prior to this EP released a single, in 2017, called Seasons. They play metalcore and like most of us cite their influences as the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Fear Factory, Black Sabbath and the like. If you play heavy metal, or listen to it, you have most likely been influenced by the same bands.

Fall of Humanity are a 4 piece with brothers Marcus Rafferty on guitars and vocals and Michael Rafferty on drums. They are joined by bassist, Joe Nasty and finally, also on guitars and vocals, Jimmy Falco.

Fall of Humanity

Fall of Humanity is 6 tracks of metal and is around 25 minutes in total length. The album opener is called End of an Era though for Fall of Humanity it marks the beginning of one. End of an Era is a bit of a problem for me but thankfully the only one the EP. The problem I have with it is that it is about as generic a metalcore track as you are likely to hear. It isn’t a bad song. Not even close. It is just a little flat and predictable and therefore becomes dull quite quickly.

It may sound like I am being a little harsh on a single track when it isn’t even a bad song. There is a good sound to the instruments. They aren’t overly polished and have a bit of grit to them. The guitars sound great and the drums have a good thump to them. Really, after many play throughs of this EP, the reason I started disliking End of an Era so much is more down to the really high quality of music on the rest of the EP.

Fall of Humanity

Death of Reality comes next and blows End of an Era out of the water. A cleanly sung intro with ascending guitar tones has a sombre and interesting structure. It builds and builds before erupting into life with crunching guitar tones and insanely catchy drum blasts. The vocals are forceful and passionately barked and the bass line drips ooze all over the riff giving it much more depth and groove. The drums kick up to machine pace in the chorus which is cleanly sung. There are some intense riffs and insane drumming beats going off in this song but the best track on the EP for me comes next.

Liar in Disguise is brilliant. Viciously spat vocals come out at pace. Almost like a rapping pace but with real menace and snarl. The chorus is clean and catchy. There is a really solid breakdown with thunderous drumming before heading into a long and insanely awesome guitar solo. This track is of the highest quality. More quality follows with Dying Inside. A fast and relentless attack with expert drum blasts and a wicked riff. The chorus is catchy and the bass is pounding throughout, forcing head sot bang violently along with it.

The final two tracks, Alternate Ending and Hulk Blood, drop the clean singing parts completely making sure you leave this EP feeling the heaviness. Both tracks offer powerful riffs and intense drumming. Alternate Ending has a bit of bass lead groove to it too and a few moments of high toned guitar melody to elevate the track further. It also has a fantastic solo. Hulk Blood has an interesting structure to it showing some ingenuity from the band. The vocals are delivered with crushing force and vocal lines end with a quick picked guitar line. It is a really cool sound and fits nicely in with the speed and intensity of the rest of the song.

Fall of Humanity have really set the bar high with this first proper release. I do think the opener is the weakest of the 6 tracks but not necessarily weak overall. It just isn’t as good as what follows. You get tons of roaring bass, crushing riffs and seriously impressive drum skills. They are all matched with powerfully intense vocals and some clever little song structures too. They are definitely a band to keep a close eye on. Fall of Humanity have a big future ahead of them.

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Fall of Humanity, and the previous single Seasons, are available on Apple Music now. Get a physical copy of the EP, as well as some merch from the band’s store here. You can also grab Seasons through their Facebook store here. Find out a bit more about Fall of Humanity by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to give them a like or follow while you are there.

Fall of Humanity by Fall of Humanity (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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