EP Review: Ellende – Triebe (AOP Records)

Founded in 2011 by multi-instrumentalist L.G., Ellende has always strived for the melancholy, anger, and beauty that is buried in our mere existence and misanthropy. Ellende will release ‘Triebe’, an adaptation, interpretation and mix of previous and new material on January 22nd, 2021 via AOP Records.

While drenched in emotional value, Triebe is an undoubtably black metal record. The sensitive and poignant melodies transform into harsh, furious noise and back again. All with an unbelievably high level of atmosphere. It’s music to pull on the heartstrings and to leave the mind in a disconsolate state.

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It might be only three tracks long but Triebe is an exhaustive journey of dark melancholy and cold intensity. Combined, the trio reach nearly 30 minutes and there’s no shortage of ideas or ability to make each moment matter. It is gorgeous while being a horrifyingly invasive piece of work too.

There’s no denying the impact that is felt here. Simply put, this record will make you feel.

Ellende – Triebe Full Track Listing:

1. Triebe II
2. Weltennacht
3. Zwischen Sommer und Herbst


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Ellende - Triebe (AOP Records)
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