EP Review: Dygora – Dygora (Self Released)

Death/Doom metal band Dygora will release their new EP ‘Chambers of Reflections’ on July 13th 2018.

The band commented “The journey of this E.P has been set on a curious path. The death of a mother, a brother, family turmoil have all been the things which have shaped this release into something which goes beyone us. We set out with an idea for this EP, but things in life directed us all to another place where we felt dark, but comfortable with it. The amount of learning and growing with one another which has had to be done over the writing period is substantial; also, the self discoveries we’ve all had to observe within ourselves has been welcoming. This EP is the epitome of our challenges as individuals and a group, as well as our hope to see beyond the veil which we have created, as people, and as a planet.”

Dygora 2

Four tracks long but coming in at about 24 minutes, Dygora make use of every second of their time to bring a booming, harrowing but rhythmic listen. The deep chug of the guitars offset by screeching flourishes and the savagery of the drums are one thing but the doomy bass and sharp, gutterual vocals are another. Aurora is a killer start that doesn’t lack complexity amongst its simple sounding beat.

The solid start is built upon with Chambers of Reflections and Lucy. The former bringing deeper percussion but with that same pace and a bit more vileness (the slight shift in direction around the middle will wake you up). While the latter has a bit of a slower but equally as ruthless rhythm.

Black Man wraps things up with one final, familiar but still exciting gut-punch as it threatens to unseat your lunch while systematically attacking the senses too.

Dygora 1

Dygora – Chambers of Reflections Full Track Listing:

1. Aurora
2. Chambers of Reflection
3. Lucy
4. Black Man



You can order the EP via Bandcamp here and find out more about Dygora on Facebook.

Dygora - Dygora (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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