EP Review: Dohny Jep – Smile, It Might Never Happen (Favour The Brave Records)

The upcoming EP ‘Smile, It Might Never Happen’ comes from alternative-rock four-piece Dohny Jep, due for release February 26th 2021 via Favour The Brave Records.


After playing just one show together as a band, they had tours planned throughout 2020 to coincide with the July release of their debut album L.U,S,T, but as the Coronavirus put a halt to any plans of playing their new material live, they headed back to the studio to record more new music. ‘Smile, It Might Never Happen’ was a product of these recording sessions.

The EP explores the subjects of mental health, friendship and letting go of the negatives in your life and living in the moment.

The world hasn’t been kind to Dohny Jep, having halted their plans and stopping them dead in their tracks before they really got started. That would take down most bands but not these guys and their brand of groovy and upbeat rock. Built on a foundation of thrilling riffs, immersive vocals and backed up by harder hitting bass and drums.

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There’s a light airiness to the music but it’s got a much thicker sound that adds so much richness to the likes of Control. As an opener, it’s every bit the punchy chorus-fuelled effort you could hope for. Smile comes next and is one dripping in sensitive vibes while still being heavily focused on positivity. Before Looking In delivers a masterclass of ‘alternative rock’ that delights as the foot-tapping melody builds up to a chorus that just lifts the spirits.

With their imagination running wild, Get Fucked wraps up the EP with a bit more defiance while still being wholly focused on massive melodies. Watch out for the utter carnage that comes nearer the end too. Dohny Jep showing just how heavy they can go.

It’s freaking awesome!

Dohny Jep – Smile, It Might Never Happen Full Track Listing:

1. Control
2. Smile
3. Looking In
4. Get Fucked


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Dohny Jep - Smile, It Might Never Happen (Favour The Brave Records)
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