EP Review: Divine Realm – Nordicity (Self Released)

Nordicity is the upcoming five-song EP from Canadian Instrumental Progressive Metal/Prog-Rock/Djent influenced group Divine Realm. Set for release on Friday, March 2nd 2018.



Divine Realm get things off to a great start with an insanely talented guitar solo that serves as the intro (As the Crow Flies) before the progressive side steps up on the utterly immense Autumn.

The guitar work on this EP is so impressive but thanks to solid drumming & booming bass, tracks like Whitewater & Revival never descend into just ‘showing off’ territory. Simply put, Nordicity is a real contender for the best EP release of 2018.

Especially when it ends on such a stellar track as Hanging Valleys. Gloriously epic, brilliantly heavy, smartly played…it’s a wonder of technicality & song structure.

This is an EP everyone needs to hear.

Divine Realm 2

Divine Realm – Nordicity Full Track Listing:

1. As the Crow Flies
2. Autumn
3. Whitewater
4. Revival
5. Hanging Valleys

You can order the EP on Bandcamp and it will be available via all major streaming services. Keep up to date with Divine Realm news on Facebook, Twitter and check them out on YouTube!

Divine Realm - Nordicity (Self Released)
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