EP Review: Ditz – 5 Songs (Alcopop! Records)

Brighton band Ditz are pleased to announce that they will release their new 5 Songs EP on 12” vinyl via Alcopop! Records on 3rd July 2020. The record will be available on luxuriant pink and black 12” vinyl, limited to 500 and never to be repressed in the pink.

The collection will be the band’s first physical record and includes new single ‘Role Model’, as well as previously-released singles ‘Seeking Arrangement’ (Permanent Creeps), ‘Gayboy’ and ‘Total 90’, plus their limited edition cover of Peaches hit single ‘Fuck The Pain Away’, previously only released on a decomposing peach.

A handful of garage-punk tracks to enjoy, the selection that makes up the EP showcase some wider variety then you might initially expect with opener Seeking Arrangement.

There’s a noticeable difference between that and the following Gayboy, a track that has all kinds of snark running through its uncouth punk-infused sound. A quite unusual track and followed by Ditz doubling down on their penetrating British punk sound with Total 90 and Role Model.

Wrapping up the EP with the cover of Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches. An infusion of madness filtered into something where you probably have to enjoy the original to really enjoy this cover.

Ditz – 5 Songs Full Track Listing:

1. Seeking Arrangement
2. Gayboy
3. Total 90
4. Role Model
5. Fuck The Pain Away (Peaches Cover)


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Ditz - 5 Songs (Alcopop! Records)
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