EP Review: Descend To Acheron – The Transience Of Flesh (Petrichor)

Descent To Acheron, hailing from Adelaide, southern Australia play pulverizing death metal with hints of black metal. They will be unleashing ‘The Transience of Flesh’ EP on December 4th 2020 via Petrichor.

Ooof! That’s the noise a person makes when they’ve been kicked in the genitals. It’s also the noise most will make upon hearing The Transience of Flesh for the first time. Such is the sheer bludgeoning that the 6 tracks deliver. From the opening title track through to the ferocious finale of From the Mouths of Wolves, this band brings aggression. A vehement concentration of death and black metal designed to leave everyone seeing stars.

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However, playing annihilating extreme metal isn’t enough to make them stand out these days. Not with the glut of releases revealed on a weekly basis. No, what makes them stand out is the detailed instrumentation and well-produced EP that adds a wicked level of clarity to said musical parts. You can hear every little detail; a sneaky little guitar flourish here and there, a hook that screams through the air as though controlled by Hellraiser’s Pinhead or a vocal grumble that shifts the tone ever so slightly.

It’s like trying to solve a puzzle. One you have the edges it all begins to fall into place and the feeling of satisfaction is immense.

Descent to Acheron – The Transience of Flesh Full Track Listing:

1. The Transience of Flesh
2. Plague of Superstition
3. The Godless Part I
4. The Godless Part II
5. Your Suffering Is A Gift
6. From the Mouths of Wolves


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Descend To Acheron - The Transience Of Flesh (Petrichor)
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