EP Review: Depths of Hatred – Bloodguilt (Prosthetic Records)

Montreal technical death metal outfit, Depths of Hatred, blend vicious, ferocious vocals, aggressive guitar riffs, and fast, relentless style drumming to result in a sound that some would call unforgiving. Their label debut EP titled Bloodguilt hits streets July 20th 2018 and will mark the first recordings with new frontman, Nico Monette, who replaces exiting singer, Dominic D.D.

Bloodguilt 2

Hyper aggressive metal is the name of the game with Depths of Hatred. Feral sounding music that has a deep rooted anger aimed at everything and anything.

After a short intro (My Penance Beheld) the EP really gets going with An Infidel’s Dissent, a track that is akin to a hard punch to the head. Strong enough to knock you on your ass with ease and leave you seeing stars. The thing that stands out are the two styles of vocals, one scratchy and high, the other deep and guttural.

The beating continues throughout Covenant Curse and The Nail Remains, both laying the death metal heaviness on thickly while providing plenty of groove too.

Tired and bloody? Depths of Hatred don’t care. Grabbing you by the scruff of the neck, they drag you to your feet and unleash Throes of Desperation and the title track. The former rages in ways unheard of on the EP but surprisingly takes a momentary step into melody too. While the latter brings some of the most impressive hooks of a damn fine EP.

If you’re gonna do death metal, do it as well as Depths of Hatred do.

Bloodguilt 1

Depths of Hatred – Bloodguilt Full Track Listing:

1. My Penance Beheld
2. An Infidel’s Dissent
3. Covenant Curse
4. The Nail Remains
5. Throes Of Desperation
6. Bloodguilt



You can order the EP now via Bandcamp and Prosthetic Records here. Find out more about Depths of Hatred on Facebook, Instagram and pick up their merchandise on Big Cartel.

Depths of Hatred - Bloodguilt (Prosthetic Records)
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