Single Slam – Incinerate by Unearth (Extinction(s))

Boston based metalcore battlers, Unearth, have released the first single from their new album. This song is called Incinerate. It will feature on the band’s 7th studio album, Extinction(s) which will be released some time this Autumn via Century Media.

Unearth are a five piece and originally got together back in 1998. Three of those original members are still in the band today. They are Trevor Phipps on vocals, Buz McGrath on guitars and also on guitars, Ken Susi. The bass and drum position has been a lot less settled. The current bassist is Chris O’Toole who joined in 2014 and the drummer is Nick Pierce who joined in 2012. Before them though there have been 4 other bassists and 7 drummers, including session musicians.


It has been 4 years since Unearth’s last studio album. That was 2014’s Watchers of Rule. They did release a compilation called Our Days of Eulogy in 2015 but otherwise have been very quiet. Until now.

Incinerate is 4 minutes long. It starts with a progressive sounding guitar riff. A crunching tone gives way to some high pitch squeals and there is a lot of feedback as the drums settle the song into a pattern. The vocals come accross almost rap like at the beginning before settling in with the drums for a nice forceful beat. It is an interesting start but not really brilliant. It sounds  alittle too disjointed though as the song builds to the chorus, the drums are really spectacular. The chorus is catchy too with a really neat guitar line running through it’s veins.

Incinerate clicks into gear more and more as the song progresses with a really strong shredding solo section. Again, the drums really stand out. The vocals come in with the guitars and drums now and it feels a bit more like a standard, familiar song with pllenty of heaviness and guttaral growls over the higher toned guitar melodies. The song ends with a decent enough breakdown to get the heads banging hard though again, lacks a little something as it ends.

Incinerate is a decent enough track but not “amazing” or “genre defining” or anything like that. It is fine. A few disjointed moments are followed by a few superemly heavy and powerful sectrions. It is only the first track from the new aslbum so hopefully there will be a bit more on offer in the coming months. For now, Incinerate is not brilliant but not bad.

Speaking about Incinerate, Unearth say –   “’Incinerate’ brings the raw aggression and heaviness of our early material while also showcasing elements of where we’ve gone as a band since. Lyrically it is meant to be a song of unity in a time of great polarization around the world.  We are constantly being told to not like our neighbour because they might have different views. The theme is a faith in humanity to come together and combat and rid the world of those that are intentionally dividing us.“

You can check it out over at Century Media’s YouTube channel here. It is also available on all the usual streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. No word yet on preorders for the new album so keep an eye on the band online at their comprehensive fansite, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Incinerate by Unearth (Extinction(s))
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