EP Review: Dead Retinas – Divine (Self Released)

On November 30th 2018, hardcore punk band Dead Retinas’ will release their new EP entitled Divine.

Dead Retinas 2

Thee tracks long, this is a short and very sharp EP. One that will delight though as Dead Retinas force their hardcore punk energy down throats. From the moment Gold in Monochrome kicks in with unbridled fury, bodies will move because this is an EP that gets under the skin. It’s got harshness to it that feels so punk but deals more in hardcore with plenty of dirty rhythms and bloodying vocals.

If the opening track fails (somehow) to get your head banging, You Go Glen Coco will do the job. Here, the rhythm becomes even more disconcerting but even more addictive. The pit would be large for this one and many a fist would be punching the air in unison.

The final track, An Exercise in Bad Taste doesn’t change the formula, going straight for the jugular with raging torrent of dirty vocals and devilish heaviness. This is the stuff of nightmares, the kind that you wakes you up in a cold sweat.

The UK metal scene is all the better for having the likes of Dead Retinas in it.

Dead Retinas 1

Dead Retinas – Divine Full Track Listing:

1. Gold in Monochrome
2. You Go Glen Coco
3. An Exercise in Bad Taste

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Dead Retinas - Divine (Self Released)
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