EP Review: Callous Hands – Earth Mover (Self Released)

During the last three years, Callous Hands have been working on their sound amid line-up changes and a pandemic.

In early 2019 the band played their second ever gig competing in the very first heat of Coventry’s Metal 2 The Masses. This performance caused a flurry of excitement amongst the metal fans in the region as Callous Hands quickly gained a reputation as not only one of the tightest bands in the competition, but also one of the favourites. Votes from both judges and fans proved this theory true as Callous Hands easily reached the Grand Final.

Fast forward to the present day and the EP ‘Earth Mover’ is a strong representation of who Callous Hands are as a band and what is to come in their future. It will be released on March 12th 2021.

Callous Hands had this to say:

I mean at the end of the day it’s heavy as fuck, we’ve tried to think about what to say about this for ages. We hope people enjoy listening to this EP as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.

Bang! Callous Hands are back, and back with a serious fucking bang. Three tracks of beastly groove metal that risk opening a circle pit wherever you find yourself upon hearing it. On a train? Get moving! In a shop? That’s just more bodies to fly into! At home? (which is more realistic considering the current ongoing pandemic). That just means you can let loose without fear of being judged!

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The point is, Callous Hands drive a heavyweight point right into the skull in a very short amount of time. The point being that they’re back and ready to take on the whole bloody world. Heed the Call is a kick-ass head-banger, the title track starts off slow but kicks into a serious high gear and Orchestrated Primal Screams is an apt title for a track that roars with passion.

A banging release.

Callous Hands – Earth Mover Full Track Listing:

1. Heed the Call
2. Earth Mover
3. Orchestrated Primal Screams


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Callous Hands – Earth Mover (Self Released)
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