EP Review: Borstal – At Her Majesty’s Pleasure (4 Family Records)

Borstal is a brand new UKHC band featuring Pierre Mendivil (Knuckledust), Nick Barker (Brujeria, ex-Cradle Of Filth/Dimmu Borgir/Testament) and members of Dripback and King Of Pigs. They are set to release their much-anticipated debut EP titled “At Her Majesty’s Pleasure” via 4Family Records on April 1st, 2021.

Borstal know exactly how to get you head-banging. Kicking off their punchy release with the thumping sound of Refuse to Lose. The groove of the guitars, the booming sound of the drums, the thickness of the bass and the fury of the vocals, it’s a kick-ass start with a fair amount of dangerous energy.

Although that almost seems tame when compared to the frenzied hardcore beast that is Karma and the thumping rhythm of, We Stand as One. The latter an anthem for all hardcore fans demanding you raise a fist in the air and stand alongside your brothers and sisters.

Showing that it’s not all just short jabs, Borstal bring out a more refined and lengthy mugging in the form of Vicious Circles. The speed of the guitars and drums driving the energy upwards.

Though if the jabs are more to your taste, then Borstal will happily deliver. The penultimate effort of Worm Food goes for the throat with an intense flurry. Before the bravado of King of the Jungle shows just how much swagger this group of head-bangers have in them.

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Just fucking Borstal!

Borstal – At Her Majesty’s Pleasure Full Track Listing:

1.Refuse to Lose
3.We Stand as One
4.Vicious Circles
5.Worm Food
6.King of The Jungle


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Borstal - At Her Majesty's Pleasure (4 Family Records)
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