EP Review: Blurring – Cloud Burner (Self Released)

Following on from their well-received debut album in 2015, Blurring released the much anticipated follow-up, Cloud Burner in April of this year.

Blurring 1

Taking grindcore & adding a healthy dose of death metal, a sprinkling of technical & complex riffs before finishing up by dropping a bowling ball made of screeching & disgust filled black metal style vocals. This 5 track EP from Blurring is heavy enough to give you a nosebleed.

The unrelenting intensity swarms you, beginning with 3+ minutes of ‘bash you in the face’ death metal & grindcore. The delivery is brutal & the pace ferocious. Energetic & in complete disarray, it’s not the most comfortable of listening experiences but like all good horror shows, you can’t turn away either.

The unbelievably crunching beat of Casket Black, the craze-inducing heaviness of Empty Heaven & the snarling black vocals of Flame From Form. This is a sound where the band clearly believe in what they’re playing. Their commitment & enjoyment shines through.

Wrapping up with the title track. It is one more massive blow to the face leaving you with broken bones, crushed cartilage & a couple of missing teeth. The ferocity that Blurring show is some of the most intense heavy metal tunes you’re likely to have heard this year.

Throughout the utter disharmony of it all there is some order to the chaos. It’s just often swallowed up by the brutality!

Blurring 2

Blurring – Cloud Burning Full Track Listing:

1. November
2. Casket Black
3. Empty Heaven
4. Flame From Form
5. Cloud Burner

You can pick up the EP now on Bandcamp in both digital & CD format. You can also find out much more about Blurring on their Facebook Page.

Blurring - Cloud Burner (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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