EP Review: Blood of Angels – Rise of the Fallen Gods (Hollywood Collective)

Blood of Angels are a Floridian four-piece & Rise of the Fallen Gods is their debut. The EP is out on April 21st, 2017 via Hollywood Collective.

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This super-short EP, clocking in at just 12 minutes is a fine introduction to Blood of Angels brand of melodic death metal. Rise of the Fallen Gods is filled with catchy riffs & hooks starting with Miscreant Deeds of Loki.

A little bit ‘by the numbers’ death metal at first, it’s the crunching drums & exciting guitar solo that steps it up a notch. A short, punchy start that builds excitement for what follows. Thankfully Odin’s Wrath continues the quality with some great riffing while the final track, The Final War excels with its catchy beat.

If Rise of the Fallen Gods is letdown anywhere it’s with the generic sounding vocals. The gruff, throaty style is hardly worth getting excited for even if it fits the music perfectly fine. It does take a backseat a lot of the time, disappearing for periods to allow the music to shine.

It’s a good, almost great debut EP from Blood of Angels & they’re definitely a band to keep a close eye on.

Rise of the Fallen Gods Full Track Listing:

1. Miscreant Deeds of Loki
2. Odin’s Wrath
3. The Final War

You can pick up Odin’s Wrath now via Bandcamp & pre-order the EP here. Find out more about the band through their official website here, on Facebook & on YouTube.


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Blood of Angels - Rise of the Fallen Gods (Hollywood Collective)
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