EP Review: Bison – Perfect Mistakes (Self Released)

What happens when you’re locked in isolation during a global pandemic? You get the band back together. Bison were kind of a big deal in the ‘first-wave’ of nu-metal in Australia, circa 1998 – 2005 – and now they return in 2021, with a new sound crafted with input from producer Sam Bassal (Ocean Grove).

Bison fans can rejoice as the band will be releasing their new EP ‘Perfect Mistakes’ on May 28th, 2021. The six track EP is comprised of 5 new songs, and 1 re-recorded track from ‘DEMO’.

I’ll admit, even though I’m a nu-metal child, Bison passed me by back in the late 90s and early 00s. That makes their return all the more fresh as I have nothing to contrast this new sound too.

It’s always interesting when a band makes such a significant return. Returning from the musical ether when the sound they embodied is pretty much dead and buried, aside from a few notable revivalists here and there. It’s all about updating and moving with the times, which is certainly something Bison have done on this release.

The heavy groove and bounce of Begin Again is a statement. Bison coming straight out of the starting blocks and declaring that this them, here and now. While also paying tribute to their nu-metal past. It’s heavy, it’s groovy and it’s catchy. What more could you ask for?

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How about dangerous sounding melodies, chunky riffs and an undercurrent of barely contained rage that builds to a crescendo? That’s New Enemy. Whereas Take Your Place is less than 3-minutes of snarling and spitting verses and a very nu-metal sounding chorus. It’s proper head-banger even if the chorus doesn’t stick the landing personally.

No such issue with A Million Miles though which delivers jagged guitars and a more metalcore-infused set of clean vocals. The penultimate track, Stained is a bit messy at first but settles into a nice groove as it goes on. Actually turning into something a bit anthemic thanks to the chorus.

Which leads to the finale of Blindside and one last energetic blast of punchy and catchy noise. Bison’s return having proved to be very effective, even if you might need to be fully on board with a nu-metal revival to fall in love with it.

Bison – Perfect Mistakes Full Track Listing:

1. Begin Again
2. New Enemy
3. Take Your Place
4. A Million Miles
5. Stained
6. Blindside


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Bison - Perfect Mistakes (Self Released)
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