EP Review: Besvärjelsen – Frost (Blues Funeral Recordings)

Besvärjelsen – Swedish for “conjuring” – was formed in 2014. Though clearly rooted in the realms of doom, within their engulfing sound lies traces of progressive metal, punk, folk, and classic rock all carefully weaved together resulting in a sound that is at once crushingly heavy and alluringly sophisticated.

They released their debut EP “Villfarelser” in 2015, quickly followed by the “Exil” EP (2016) which also celebrates the addition of drummer Erik Bäckwall (former Dozer, Greenleaf) to the lineup. Then in 2018, the quintet released their first full-length “Vallmo” (Swedish for “poppy”). A couple of months before the release, the band welcomed bass player Johan Rockner (former Dozer, Greenleaf) to the fold.

Besvärjelsen return in 2019 with their new EP, Frost. An almost full length format that raises the band’s standards even higher.

It will be available on August 9th 2019 worldwide through Blues Funeral Recordings after being first included as part of the exclusive PostWax series. PostWax is a groundbreaking subscription-style series of exclusive records for diehard fans of stoner, doom, heavy, psych rock, launched by Blues Funeral Recordings.

Frost 2

Doom but not as you know it, Besvärjelsen are an anomaly that take the listener on a more carefree journey of classic-rock infused heaviness. The booming percussion and riffs with depth are accompanied by a mellow and softly sung set of vocals. It’s gives When We Fall a much lighter tone. Even if the there is an obvious pulsating vein of darkness running through it too.

The rockier side of Besvärjelsen is way more identifiable in the following All Things Break, a track with an emotional edge and an emphatic one-two punch of strong riffs and vocals. A tune filled with heart and soul.

In the Dark has the light slowly snuffed out with a a rougher rhythm section and a much more obscure build and drop. A fascinating listen, it’s almost catchy, in that classic rock way but it’s difficult to get a handle on it. Human Habits is the penultimate track, delivering a melodic whine of guitars before opening up into a bit of groove. Exciting and perfectly in line with what we’ve heard so far with Besvärjelsen‘s Frost.

It should come as no surprise that Past in Haze doesn’t change a winning formula even if it is the longest track on the album. Not that you’d notice, the mellow guitar twangs leading us by the hand towards peace and serenity. It’s a trap though, as fuzziness takes over and the darkness comes washing over. An ever increasing tempo, it culminates in an absolute powerhouse of a finale that will see many heads banging intently.

Frost 1

Besvärjelsen – Frost Full Track Listing:

1. When We Fall
2. All Things Break
3. In The Dark
4. Human Habits
5. Past In Haze


Besvärjelsen Bandcamp | Besvärjelsen Facebook | Blues Funeral Recordings

Besvärjelsen - Frost (Blues Funeral Recordings)
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