EP Review: Bastette – Exposed (RPM Records)

Gritty rock/pop group Bastette will release their sophomore EP ‘Exposed’ on the 17th September 2021. The EP explores betrayal, love, sex, control, manipulation, and passion but asks ‘how much of it is real, and how much of it is fantasy’?

Explains Bastette singer/songwriter Caroline Kenyon:

I’ve always been drawn to fantasy but the problem with fantasy is that you have to fall back into reality at some point and the longer you wait the longer and harder the fall. I have partially lived my life through fantasy so is it real or is it not, and with this new music I’ve taken the time to explore the sometimes thin line between reality and fantasy. The new EP is influenced by real-life events that have been brought to life through song, with each track portraying significant moments in time that can haunt the human psyche throughout our lifetimes.

A powerful blend of sultry and impactful pop-focused vocals, mainstream rocking instrumentation, and moody melodies and effects. Exposed is part catchy, part though-provoking and part authentic experience. It makes for a classy and depth-filled listen while being undeniably rhythmic and catchy throughout.

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It’s an experience, one with an apt title as singer Caroline Kenyon shines a light on real issues that most will face at some point in their lives. It just so happens to be wrapped up in pop-melodies, foot-tapping and head-nodding rock groove. The passion in the song-writing oozes out but the talent to express it is what most will remember. Even if it leans a little too much towards pop to capture heavier music fans attention.

One listen of this EP will tell you that Basette are going to be fine without them as its got massive mainstream appeal.

Bastette – Exposed Full Track Listing:

1. Stand Back
2. Talk About It
3. Sick & Twisted
4. Rollercoaster
5. Poison


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Bastette - Exposed (RPM Records)
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