EP Review: Baby Bones – The Curse of the Crystal Teeth (Gubbey Records)

Sometimes what you need is some bounce. Some upbeat punk tunes that put a smile on the face with infectious rhythms & a bit of a bad attitude. Well that’s exactly what we get with Baby Bones & their new EP, The Curse of The Crystal Teeth! The EP will be released April 14th, 2018 through Gubbey Records on Cassette, CD, digital download and streaming on all relevant services.

Baby Bones 2

Showcasing a raw & unrefined punk sound, Baby Bones’ new release is not as straight-forward as you might expect. Bought the Farm has a bit of bounce in the bass but the guitars really are where it’s at here. Up-tempo groove that has many twists and turns, something that’s quite impressive for a track that’s only 3 minutes long.

Pay Us in Dimes has a slower beat to it with heavy focus on the bass & vocals and We’re Done Talking gives off a really grimy vibe within the vocals. It has to be said that there isn’t a whole lot of variety in the the first couple of tracks. However, that changes with the excellent Bottom Breather, a track that will stop you dead in the streets wondering where Baby Bones pulled this one from.

Everything up to this point has been good but Bottom Breather is great.

Only 6 tracks long, the EP is over pretty quickly as On the Take deals out a hand that’s going to wreck you if you’re not careful. The shouted vocals, deep bass and squealing hooks really excel.

The EP ends with one last up-tempo punky number in Slick Shoes. A solid finish but not a patch on the two songs that came before it.



Baby Bones 1

Baby Bones – The Curse of the Crystal Teeth Full Track Listing:

1. Bought the Farm
2. Pay Us in Dimes
3. We’re Done Talking
4. Bottom Breather
5. On the Take
6. Slick Shoes

Check out Pay Us in Dimes above via Bandcamp, listen to it via Soundcloud here and check out the video below. Find out more/keep up to date with news via Baby Bones’ website, their Facebook Page, Grubbey Records website and the label’s Facebook Page.

Baby Bones - The Curse of the Crystal Teeth (Gubbey Records)
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