EP Review: Army of One – Army of One (Self Released)

Army of One is the solo project of Brad Rogers (Chapfallen). Who wrote, played, recorded and produced all the music. It is the epitome of a ‘bedroom’ band but the self-titled EP does feature two guests. The first being guitarist James Philips and the second being Chapfallen guitarist, Tom Longshaw.

Army of One will release the EP on the 17th October 2020.

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We begin with a sinister and low piece of electronica (Intro) before getting into the proper meat of this release with Vicious Cycle. An angry slab of metal where the guitar stands heads and shoulders above everything else. Although the filthy guttural vocals are pretty impressive too.

There’s a strong menacing edge to Burrows where things are super-sharp and the contrast of stompy groove and moody drops with squealing guitars are very appealing. Before a bit more of that electronica has Palpitate sound very twisted while still as crushing as the previous efforts.

A strong EP that is a cut above, ends with one of the best tracks in Hollow Eulogy. A more frantic and furious heavy effort that really gets the neck muscles working overtime.

Army of One – Army of One Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Vicious Cycle (feat. James Philips)
3. Burrows
4. Palpitate (feat. Tom Longshaw)
5. Hollow Eulogy


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Army of One - Army of One (Self Released)
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