EP Review: Age of Emergence – The War Within Ourselves (Self Released)

Australian progressive metal/hard rock band Age of Emergence are to release their second EP The War Within Ourselves on 27 March 2020. The EP follows their first act EP, Plea for a Dying World, which the band released in February 2017.

The bands states:

‘The War Within ourselves’ is the culmination of a year’s work with new drummer Benn Baxter. It is a reflection or reaction to the current world landscape. We dive deep into the human psyche when humanity is in turmoil due to climate change.

First the drums, then the guitars, then the tempo increase and it seems as though we’re about to hit an eruption. So it is a surprise to see Stone Cold Icarus immediately slow things down for more melodious groove backed up by clean and powerful vocals. Showing their progressive style, Age of Emergence rarely stick to one type as the tempo increases again and again for a speedier metal style and back again. It’s a little muddled but pretty damn interesting.

Wake the Beast is a fair bit more energetic and rhythmic, a much easier song to bang your head too. Whereas Your Kingdom Dies is hard rocking groove that excites the sense while not drifting too far from the progressive edge that Age of Emergence showcase throughout their new EP.

Keeping interest hot, the drum intro of Ascender ticks all the right boxes but it’s the riffs that follow that really get the blood pumping. Before Two Halves delivers some sleazy thickness mixed with hyper-paced head-banging gold.

Age of Emergence – The War Within Ourselves Full Track Listing:

1. Stone Cold Icarus
2. Wake The Beast
3. Your Kingdom Dies
4. Ascender
5. Two Halves




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Age of Emergence - The War Within Ourselves (Self Released)
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