EP Review: A Ritual Spirit – Elements I (Disposable Noise Records)

Alternative rock band, A Ritual Spirit have been busy throughout the pandemic period and the fruits of that labour will start to see the light of day on May 13th, 2022 via Disposable Noise Records.

Elements I is part one of a two-part album and Elements II will follow at a later date.

A touch of melody and clean singing marks the start of Zion in relaxing fashion. However, it’s probably best you don’t sit back too much as this is a track the rocks up nicely. A sudden drop leading to the sound of groovy riffing and thumping percussion, the energy suddenly enhanced in glorious body-shaking and head-banging fashion. It’s a killer start that is deliciously catchy but has plenty of enjoyable and layered complexities.

The goodwill for A Ritual Spirit is high off the back of that opener and they continue to pay that off with the meaty groove of Underneath. A track that still delivers all the grubby and grunge-tinged goodness it did when it was first heard late last year as a single.

Another previously released single, albeit earlier this year, Free the Fallen is A Ritual Spirit at their energetic and riffing best. Followed then by a cacophony of rocking groove and meaty instrumentation in the form of Fever Dream. Made all the better by a strong vocal performance and memorable chorus.

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Slow the River is the penultimate track and unsurprisingly, is another banger filled with mood-altering vigour and foot-tapping catchiness. Before Rodent, the longest track on the EP, showcases the depth in A Ritual Spirit’s sound. Where groove clashes with a darker and more sullen tempo for an electrifying bout with twists and turns.

Elements I is a damn good release and you have to think that If Elements II is as good as this, A Ritual Spirit could be about to seriously blow up.

A Ritual Spirit – Elements I Full Track Listing:

1. Zion
2. Underneath
3. Free the Fallen
4. Fever Dream
5. Slow the River
6. Rodent


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A Ritual Spirit – Elements I (Disposable Noise Records)
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