Eddie & The Wolves Unveil Video for ‘The Devil’s Wrong, But Not to Blame’

Derby based blues rockers Eddie & The Wolves have released the much-anticipated music video for ‘The Devil’s Wrong, But Not to Blame,’ the first single from their forthcoming album ‘Tasty Sin.’

‘The Devil’s Wrong, But Not To Blame’ is a song that delves into themes of faith, love, and fear. It challenges listeners to reconsider their motives for unquestioningly serving a deity, especially in a modern world where many are turning away from religion. The song suggests that the only way to maintain religious adherence is through early indoctrination. Highlighting the shared themes and meanings across various world religions, the track poses a provocative question: If the devil is in hell punishing sinners, is he truly bad or wrong?

This new track gives fans and new listeners of the band a taste of the innovative sound and insightful lyrics expected from the group’s sophomore studio album, ‘Tasty Sin’, which is scheduled for release on 6th September 2024 via Revolver Records.

Rooted deeply in the rich tapestry of classic rock, Eddie & The Wolves’ upcoming new album, ‘Tasty Sin,’ pays homage to the greats of rock while daringly venturing into uncharted territories. Blues-infused guitar riffs weave seamlessly with powerful melodies. Husband and wife powerhouse Eddie and Char Saffell’s emotive vocals breathe life into tales of love, rebellion, and adventure, echoing the timeless themes that have always resonated within the heart of rock music.

Photo Credit: Rob Rutley Photography

‘Tasty Sin’ isn’t a nostalgic clone of the past. The album boldly incorporates modern elements that infuse synths, computer and contemporary production techniques to create a fresh and dynamic sound. This fusion of old and new, of raw and refined, makes ‘Tasty Sin’ a compelling listen for both classic rock aficionados and modern rock music enthusiasts alike.

From the lead track to foot-stomping anthems like the album title track ‘Tasty Sin’ and ‘Voodoo’ that demand to be played at full volume, to the intimate ballads like ‘One Night’ and ‘Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now’ that tug at the heartstrings; ‘Tasty Sin’ offers a diverse and captivating musical experience. Eddie and the Wolves are not just students of rock history but innovators ready to carve out their own legacy in the world of music.

The magic of the music lies not just in the songs but also in the story behind the album creation. Eddie and Char crafted this new release allowing the freedom to experiment, refine, and truly find their unique sound without the constraints of a traditional recording studio. Being able to spend time with bassist Joe Griffiths and guitarist Cain Paisley defined their sound and artistic contributions to the new long player.

To capture the energy and dynamism of their live performances, and add the heartbeat for the project Eddie and Char took their recordings to band drummer Ben Gaines’ studio, Godhand Studios, located above Derby’s premier rock venue, The Hairy Dog.

The result is an album that feels both intimate and expansive, a testament to the band’s passion, dedication, and collaborative spirit.

‘Tasty Sin’ is out via Revolver Records 13th September 2024.

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Album Tracklist:

1. The Devil’s Wrong, But Not to Blame
2. Tasty Sin
3. Voodoo
4. Blood Runs Cold
5. Different Kinda Girl
6. One Night
7. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us
8. Come Out With Me Tonight
9. Crawling

Eddie & The Wolves is:

Edd Saffell – Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Char Saffell – Vocals, Percussion, Synth
Joe Griffiths – Bass Guitar
Cain Paisley – Guitar
Ben Gaines – Drums & Percussion


All songs written and recorded by Eddie and Char Saffell
Mixed/Mastered by Edd Saffell at Saffell Records & The Godhand Studios
Photo credit: Rob Rutley photography

Live Dates:

20 June – SHEFFIELD – Indie-Go Ressurection Bar (w/ Vendetta Love)
12 July – BAKEWELL – Fox Festival 2024
09 Aug – BURTON UPON TRENT – Brews of the World
30 Aug – DERBY – The Victoria Inn
06 Sept – WHITWELL – Whitwell Festival
07 Sept – EASTWOOD – D.H. Lawrence Music Festival
21 Oct – DERBY – The Hairy Dog (w/ Kim Jennett, The Howling Tides)
26 Oct – HEANOR – HStock 2024


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