Dusk Cult – Australian Black Metal Duo Announce Second Album ‘Night Sky Revelations’

DUSK CULT are a two-piece black metal band formed in 2020 in Melbourne, Australia, featuring members from long-standing acts Be’lakor (Napalm Records) and Rainshadow.

They are pleased to announce that their second album ‘NIGHT SKY REVELATIONS’ will be released on 1st July 2023. Two years since the release of the debut album ‘EMBRACE THE LUNAR AGE’, which drew Spotify listeners from 37 countries, this new album is a natural successor. It contains elements of folk and doom metal, while remaining uncompromisingly rooted in traditional second-wave black metal influences.

Black Cloud Worship was released digitally on May 20th as the first single from the new album. The track touches on some of the musical and lyrical themes heard throughout the album, and serves as a compelling introduction to the songs that follow. Black Cloud Worship can be heard on all major streaming platforms, and you can watch the official music video below.

‘NIGHT SKY REVELATIONS’ will be available from July 1st in both physical & digital formats through Bandcamp (https://duskcult.bandcamp.com), and will also be streaming on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon, and all other major streaming services.

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Featuring an array of images by classical artist Gustave Doré, ‘NIGHT SKY REVELATIONS’ is an epic journey through the many facets of black metal. With furious blasting, melodic tremolo picking, soaring leads, and a dual vocal attack, this is an album not to be missed by any fan of the genre.

The album was produced by Troy McCosker, who has previously worked with notable bands in the Australian metal scene such as Ne Obliviscaris (Season of Mist), Be’lakor, Hadal Maw and Hybrid Nightmares. Drums were recorded at Bushido Studios, operated by Dan Presland (Black Lava/ex Ne Obliviscaris) with everything else recorded at Troy’s private studio.

Dusk Cult is Ben Williamson (Guitars, bass, keys & vocals) and Elliott Sansom (Drums & vocals).


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