Do Horror Films Improve Students’ Brain Activity?

College life is fun, as it is filled with much time for entertainment and socialization. Once students are done with the most complicated assignments, they have a unique chance to broaden their outlook, learn something new and discover the world around them. The ways learners spend their free time differ a lot, depending on their habits and preferences. Some students enjoy active and energetic evenings spent walking around the city, exercising, or doing other activities, while others are fond of calm and peaceful nights playing computer games or watching movies.

If you belong to the second category of college students, you should know a lot about spending sleepless nights watching your favorite series or getting an extra adrenaline dose after relishing a new horror film. By the way, according to the results of numerous studies, this movie genre does not only help people spend quality time but also boosts brain activity and improves productivity. Keep reading to discover an array of interesting and appealing facts about horror films you have never heard of.

Believe it or not, watching frightening and intriguing scenes may be beneficial for your health. It does not mean you will become more productive or hard-working, but the way your body functions and responds to certain irritants will differ a bit. Are you excited about possible changes? Check out some of the most important and significant effects of horror movies.

Faster Weight Loss

Right, watching movies can help you burn calories, but it does not mean you can relax and forget about your regular workouts. However, if you recollect any of the similar films you have watched, you will remember that they kept you anxious and stressed all the time. In the overwhelming majority of instances, the heart rate and breathing level enhance as you follow the scariest scenes. Additionally, the pulse increases, so the body starts burning calories.

Moreover, it is inevitable to mention that the experience also stimulates brain activity. However, college students should not view it as an opportunity to lose weight. Instead, you should focus on the mental and psychological advantages of movies.

Advanced Brain Activity

There is no way to deny that horror movies speed up your brain activity. The results of multiple studies approve that scary scenes advance the level of adrenaline, releasing neurotransmitters in the brain. Faster reaction, better alertness, improved concentration, and a plethora of other advantages can be witnessed as a result of a single movie session.

Besides, even after watching a single movie, students can analyze complicated life situations better and faster, finding proper solutions and discovering unusual ways out.

Eliminated Anxiety

Although the advantages of horror movies for human health cannot be denied, it is critical to emphasize various types of similar options. If you are not fond of terrifying films depicting paranormal actions, you have a chance to relax, refresh your mind and forget about the problems and challenges you have to face at college. Besides, students who choose the movies in this genre get a chance to make an exciting journey deep in their brains, analyzing their fears and fighting them. Consequently, the experience can make you stronger, help you overcome challenges, and deal with the symptoms of anxiety.

No Depression

Depression, anxiety, and stress are the most typical problems of most college students. Overwhelming responsibilities, constant failures, and lack of proper sleep result in long-lasting and devastating depression. The consequences of the condition may be drastic, affecting human brain activity, energy level, and some psychological processes.

Considering possible advantages provided by horror movies, it is critical to mention their ability to eliminate the symptoms of depression, advancing overall health. Additionally, watching the film with your friends, you will get a chance to stay close, helping each other when it becomes too scary.

Relieved Harmful Hormones

Frightening scenes in movies are related to the adrenaline pump that triggers a range of positive processes in the human body. However, the most significant things happen not when you are watching movies but after you relax. A considerable amount of serotonin and dopamine is released, keeping your brain active and maintaining your body properly functioning.


Have you ever considered watching horror movies as a way to improve your well-being? It is probably, the right time to give it a try. At this point, it is indispensable to remember that you are still the one responsible for your academic success, which means that spending time staring at your TV set will not improve your grades. Instead, a plethora of reputable and trusted online services may help you stay afloat while you are trying to change your daily routine without harm to your academic success. Browse the web, looking for someone to “write papers for me fast and at reasonable cost” so that you have some time to relax and enjoy a favorite movie. All in all, irrespective of the horror film you choose to watch next time, you have an opportunity to benefit from its advantages.


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