Demo Review: Gastroschisis – Demo 2018 (Self Released)

Gastroschisis area deathgind/death metal band from Malta, featuring members from Repugnance (Mt) and also Chris Ryan from Party Cannon on bass. They released a three-track demo on March 2nd 2018.



Noise. Brutal noise. Nasty brutal noise. This three track release is a raw and unrefined beast of grinding riffs, blasting drum beats and sickening vocals. Mixing grindcore with death metal results & absolutely savage listen as Make Gore Not War threatens to unseat your mental stability.

Showing off their horror credentials, Neurodegeneration Resulting from Endocannibalistic Omophagic Practices (Kuru) uses Cannibal Holocaust samples before erupting into a hearty wedge of bestial death metal.

The impressive demo ends with one final feral assault. Constrained to Humanity sees the vocals reaching demonic levels of hate-fuelled anger all while the guitars roar like an untamed beast.

More please.

Gastroschisis 1

Gastroschisis – Demo 2018 Full Track Listing:

1. Make Gore Not War
2. Neurodegeneration Resulting from Endocannibalistic Omophagic Practices (Kuru)
3. Constrained to Humanity

You can pick up the Demo now over on Bandcamp and find out more by liking Gastroschisis’ Facebook Page.


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Gastroschisis - Demo 2018 (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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