Christmas Horror Short Review: Jolly (2020)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and an animatronic Santa head has a different kind of present to give. Jolly is a Christmas horror short, directed by Todd Spence who wrote it alongside Zak White.

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Inside a nicely decorated house, a man is getting some shut-eye on the couch when an animatronic Santa activates. Its hat, moustache and eyes move back and forth, and it sings ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’, waking the man up.

In his sleepy state, he figures it must be motion activated as it goes off again and again. The last time though, its Christmas message is far darker and way more menacing. It threatens to unwrap his skull.

Still half-asleep, the man is rightfully weirded out but the toy reverts back to its normal Christmas greeting. Except for the final two words which are ‘at midnight’. The man checks the time and sees that it’s almost that time.

Just what is going to happen come midnight? Check it out yourself below to find out.

A solid Christmas horror short that feels suitably festive, has decent creep factor and a gleefully fun ending. Shot nicely, the idea of using an animatronic Santa was good as these things are all the rage this time of the year. Even though a lot of them are down-right creepy and jump-scary when you accidentally set one off in the middle of the night.

If you’re looking for a short fright to get you into the Christmas spirit, Jolly will deliver.


Jolly (2020)
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