Carl’s Top 50 Albums of 2018: Part 5 (10 to 1)

It has been an incredible year for rock and metal. So many great albums spread across 12 months. So much so that this list was one of the hardest I’ve ever had to do for the site. Breaking down the 500 plus albums that we have reviewed into just 50 felt like an impossible task but here we are.

To give each album the focus it deserves we decided to break the list into 5 articles with ten albums in each counting down from 50. This is the best albums of 2018 from numbers 20 to 11. You can read about numbers 50 to 41 here, 40 to 31 here, 30 to 21 here and 20 to 11 here. Enjoy.

Top 50 2018 59

10: In Vain – Currents (Indie Recordings)

Top 50 2018 49

Delivering on the extreme metal promise, Currents delivers gargantuan heaviness. Not an easy band to pigeonhole, In Vain have no time for sub-genres instead choosing to tread the line of many different styles but doing it so well.

There is no stopping a band on this kind of form & no ignoring just how good the album is.

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9: Soul Attrition – Vashon Rain (Self Released)

Top 50 2018 50

Soul Attrition is the solo project of Josh Parlette who plays bass for the Chicago sludge/noise trio, Escape is not Freedom. Vashon Rain is the debut album of the project, one that integrates components of post-metal, grunge, sludge and alternative.

Simply put, Soul Attrition do not put a foot wrong here. This is an album that they can be very proud of. It’s a fascinating listen, impossible to put down and as varied as anything heard this year so far.

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8: Skálmöld – Sorgir (Napalm Records)

Top 50 2018 51

Sorgir, which translates as “emerge” is an astonishing good piece of work, chock full of ice cold anthems and glorious instrumentation. Following on from their excellent 2016 release, Vögguvísur Yggdrasils, Sorgir should end up being the must have album for any self respecting fan of folk metal in 2018.

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7: Necrophobic – Mark Of The Necrogram (Century Media Records)

Top 50 2018 52

Any concerns that the fire inside Necrophobic has been dampened is instantly forgotten with the unrestrained malice of this album. The fire still burns, perhaps even hotter then ever before. This is the sound of a band renewed.

This is the sound of a band returning to claim their crown. A crown that has been picked up by many a pretender who deep down know they can’t hold a candle to Necrophobic’s blackened death metal. Don’t be put off by the huge increase in similar bands over the last decade, Mark of the Necrogram really is an album that is several step ahead.

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6: L’Homme Absurde – Sleepless (Soundage Productions)

Top 50 2018 53

What an impressive release this is. A stunning combination of black metal with a real modern and fresh style that appeals to the darker side of the soul.

No ifs, no buts…hear this album.

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5: Tribulation – Down Below (Century Media Records)

Top 50 2018 54

Down Below is mesmerising in it’s gothic, melancholic beauty. It is more of an experience then just an album and with 2017 not even over yet, 2018’s album of the year front runner is already announced.

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4: Vermilia – Kätkyt (Self Released)

Top 50 2018 55

Mixing black metal with haunting pagan vocals, Vermilia play around with the idea of beautiful darkness for the eight tracks that make up this astonishing release.

More people need to be talking about Vermilia. They really are something special.

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3: In The Woods… – Cease The Day (Debemur Morti Productions)

Top 50 2018 56

A deep, rich and rewarding sound, In the Woods…’ new album is built on melodic riffs that pull at the strings of the soul. While also pushing forward a heavy progressive metal edge with elements of doom and death thrown in for good measure.

An incredible release.

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2: Conjurer – Mire (Holy Roar Records)

Top 50 2018 57

For all its unrelenting heaviness, Mire is such a well-structured album. This isn’t heavy for the sake of being heavy, what Conjurer have to say has to be played this way. The ferocity of their display is crystal clear though, nothing is lost here.

A wonderful & game-changing album. It’s going to be tough to top this!

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1: MØL – Jord (Holy Roar Records)

Top 50 2018 58

Blending atmospheric black metal with post-rock, Møl delivers a masterclass in invention & brutality. The progressive melodies, riffs and hooks strong enough to reduce people to tears, screeching vocals vile enough to rend the fat from your body and drumming so intense you’ll be hearing ringing in your ears for days afterwards.

Møl have crafted something special with Jord. Don’t be foolish enough to miss out. The best album of the year.

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