British Metalcore Quartet We Are Sovereign Remind Fans ‘Time Can Be So Short (Loss)’ On New Single

British metalcore quartet We Are Sovereign are seeking to remind fans and casual listeners on their new single; ‘Time Can Be So Short (Loss)’, which is set for release on August 14th, 2023, ahead of the release of their debut album “Step Out Your Comfort Zone” on September 4th, 2023.

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Speaking about the new single, co-vocalist Laura Russell had this to say:

Accepting that nothing lasts forever is brutal. Eventually, we all have to go through the pain of losing someone we love. This song came from moments of intense loss that I just couldn’t rationalise. How people can be here with us one minute to being a photograph or a memory the next. That haunts me.

In the song, we take the listener through all the emotions and stages of loss. Loss is a huge part of life and we really wanted to be as raw as we could with it, both in the song and the music video. We feel the music video is definitely going to shed some tears.

Life is a crazy and unpredictable journey, and We Are Sovereign want to take you through every part of it with their music. Their motto is:

We speak for those who feel like giving up, we speak for those who feel like they have lost the way, and we speak for those who fear the unknown.

It all started in 2019 in an apartment bedroom of co-vocalist and founder Laura Russell. After suffering with Gender Dysphoria since their teenage years, and having spent years battling mental health issues, Laura had a life changing operation to feel comfortable within their own skin. The emotions of Laura’s experience are where a lot of the inspiration for the music, concepts and lyrics come from. When Laura had recovered from a journey of healing and finding themselves, they began to recruit members.

Co-vocalist Ash Ho replied to an ad from Russell. They set to work writing and recording vocal demos while still hunting for the rest of the members. Despite setbacks caused by the pandemic, WAS headed into the studio with Ben Gaines at the Godhand Initiative in Derby to prep their debut album, “Step Out Your Comfort Zone”. Their debut singles, ‘Bridges Burnt Lessons Learnt (Betrayal)’ and ‘Nostalgia (Acceptance)’, did well with the media, including securing airplay on Kerrang! Radio.

The band spent the remaining months of 2022 in the studio working on the album and preparing behind the scenes to hit the stage. Despite the story and journey of the band almost playing out backwards, they now have everything in place and are set to conquer stages across the UK in 2023. With a view to bring their message of inclusivity and autonomy to the masses. Their mission is to encourage people to stand up to be who they want to be and yearn for people to be comfortable within themselves.

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