Bloodstock 2024 – Band Feature: Straight for the Sun

Bloodstock Open Air 2024 is right around the corner. Taking place August 8th to August 11th, the UK’s premier metal festival has, once again, delivered a stellar line-up. Featuring four stages of music and a litany of bands from within the rock and metal world, alongside numerous other forms of entertainment (such as official bin jousting)! You don’t want to miss out, so get off that fence, and pick up your tickets now!

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There are a lot of bands on the bill, and some you may not be that familiar with, which is where we come in. As is our yearly custom, we will be running features on many of the bands playing, aiming to give you some insight into who they are, what they do, and why they are a must see at the festival.

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Straight for the Sun

Sometimes you can see the potential in a band from a mile away, and sometimes you can see it from the other side of the country. Straight for the Sun, the alternative metal titans, are one such band. Although, to be fair, they’ve already kicked down a ton of doors since their 2017 formation.

Hailing from Birmingham in the UK, Straight for the Sun embody the raw energy and force that defines the metal genre. Find a person who claims they haven’t head banged until it hurt when listening to this band, and you’ve found yourself a liar… or someone deaf.

Their live performances are intense, and they’ve built up one hell of a reputation. Sharing the stage with metal royalty, supporting the likes of Skindred, Diamond Head, and Uriah Heep. They’ve also graced renowned festivals such as Ibiza Rocks and Breaking Bands Festival. All with a handful of singles and one EP, ‘Tomorrow’, released back in 2019.

Following the pandemic period, Straight for the Sun picked up where they left off, having become even more of a live force. Spending 2023 playing across the country, before heading into the studio to work on more music. Regardless of studio plans, they’ve not stopped playing live in 2024, and it is fitting that they will play Bloodstock this year.


Few bands deserve it as much as Straight for the Sun and they are going to be one of the highlights of the entire weekend. You don’t want to miss them when they play the New Blood stage on the Sunday of the festival. Don’t take our word for it though. We spoke to Straight for the Sun about what it means to play Bloodstock 2024, what the festival means overall, and what attendees can expect from their show.

It means so much to us as a band, it’s something we have aspired to do for years and feels like a great achievement for us. To not only get to play, but to share our stage and the whole festival line up with some of the best bands around is incredible to us.

Bloodstock overall has been such an iconic metal festival for years that many of us even in the band have visited before hoping to be performing there one day and being from The Midlands ourselves, it being so close to our home city makes it even more special for us!

The attendees to our set can expect to party! We plan on bringing a set filled with energy that really shows who Straight for the Sun are and what we bring to the stage, for the attendees who have seen us before, maybe even a new song!


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