Bloodstock 2024 – Band Feature: Rupcha Farms

Bloodstock Open Air 2024 is right around the corner. Taking place August 8th to August 11th, the UK’s premier metal festival has, once again, delivered a stellar line-up. Featuring four stages of music and a litany of bands from within the rock and metal world, alongside numerous other forms of entertainment (such as official bin jousting)! You don’t want to miss out, so get off that fence, and pick up your tickets now!

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There are a lot of bands on the bill, and some you may not be that familiar with, which is where we come in. As is our yearly custom, we will be running features on many of the bands playing, aiming to give you some insight into who they are, what they do, and why they are a must see at the festival.

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Rupcha Farms

It’s not all death, black, and thrash metal at Bloodstock these days and the festival continues to expand its horizons by adding bands like Rupcha Farms to the bill. A Bradford based genre-defying band that combines alternative rock, rap, and electronica with an intrinsic heavy, grime-infused and punk vibe.



Accessible enough to play on any bill or festival, while also showcasing a sound that represents modern Britain and its discontented generations. Rupcha Farms have taken off since the release of their debut self-titled EP, and seem to never stop when it comes to performing live. Hitting up the likes of Beatherder Festival & supporting acts such as US’s rap metal Dropout Kings, Riskee & The Ridicule, Pulverize & UKs metalcore Borders.

Following the release of the single ‘Crash Test Dummies’ in February 2023, they went a bit quiet on the studio side of things. However, they’ve been working away behind the scenes on the release of a full album. First though, they have a new single to release, called ‘Trenchmouth’, it is out on July 12th, 2024. (Pre-save here).

Playing the EMP stage on the Saturday of the festival, their performance at Bloodstock Open Air 2024 could be a show-stealer and we can all look forward to screaming ‘RF To The Death Of Me’. Don’t take our word for it though. We spoke to Rupcha Farms about what it means to play Bloodstock 2024, what the festival means overall, and what attendees can expect from their show.

As we’ve only been a band for a couple of years, to have the opportunity to play a festival like Bloodstock is insane to us. Tyler and I (Aden) were sat in general camping 2 years ago having the time of our lives and if you’d have told us in just 2 years’ time we’ll be performing here we’d have never believed you. We’re only 3 years old in the new band world! So pretty much babies. We’re just gonna grab this by the bull horns and ride the experience man. It means everything. To all reading feel free to check us out. We’re super excited and honoured to be chosen to play.

Personally, I’ve been coming to Bloodstock for years, the vibe at this festival is like no other it’s one big family, it’s impossible to attend bloodstock and not leave with multiple new friends for life it’s just so unique it’s a bonus it’s small and everything is close by so you don’t have to walk 47 miles to get to the arena, coming to bloodstock is literally like coming home.

Expect high Yorkshire energy, crowd participation & a dual mix of metal riffs, potent rap vocals & punchy electronica. RF shows are a laugh & safe space to let loose and hopefully pull your ear lobes in to hear something different. Who knows! You maybe screaming “RF To The Death Of Me” after.


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