Bloodstock 2022 Band Feature: Swamp Coffin

Bloodstock Open Air 2022 takes place from August 11th and August 14th with a line-up that might be one of the best the festival has ever put on. A wide array of rock and metal acts spread across four stages, it’s looking likely to be a weekend not to be missed. Pick up tickets here.

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One of our favourite stages is the Jägermeister stage, where you can be guaranteed to see something special over the weekend. One such band that is sure to deliver is Rotherham’s sludgy, groove, extreme noise mongers Swamp Coffin.

A band born from personal trauma and grief, it was a line-up change and the band signing to APF Records that really helped put Swamp Coffin on the map. Alongside their debut full-length Noose Almighty. A record that tackles themes of grief, depression, loss, suicide and a general disenchantment with the world. A record that was championed by the mainstream metal press and even the Rotherham Advertiser!



Playing the Jägermeister stage on the Friday of the festival, it’s going to be one not to miss. We asked Swamp Coffin what it means to be playing the festival this year and what people can expect from their show. This is what they said:

As you can imagine we’re pretty fucking excited to have been asked to play Bloodstock. It’s definitely a bucket list show for us so we’re going in to it with our game faces on, ready to tear that tent to the ground and pick up some new members for the Bastard Club while we’re at it. Those who have seen us live since Noose Almighty came out will know that our gigs are pretty intense so anybody who wanders in the Jagermeister stage on Friday afternoon should be ready to have their head ripped off.



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