Bloodstock 2022 Band Feature: Acid Throne

Bloodstock Open Air 2022 takes place from August 11th and August 14th with a line-up that might be one of the best the festival has ever put on. A wide array of rock and metal acts spread across four stages, it’s looking likely to be a weekend not to be missed. Pick up tickets here.

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Borne out of fuzz on the altar of tone, Acid Throne are a beast from the east who take influence from classic rock, hardcore punk and black metal. Serving up doom-laden cuts for banging heads. The stoner-doom band have made quite a name for themselves in a short space of time.

How short? They played their first ever gig at the end of March 2022 in the first round of this year’s Metal to the Masses competition in Norwich. Such was the quality on show, Acid Throne not only made it through the first round but made it all the way to the final, earning a spot on the Bloodstock bill.

During this run, they also released their debut record, a three-track EP called ‘The Demo’. An EP we throughly enjoyed saying this:

Do you like sludge? Do you like doom? Do you like fuzz-laded, feedback-heavy sludge doom? You do!? Then Acid Throne might just be the band you have been looking to sate the thirst for something new in that field.

Let’s not beat around the bush, Acid Throne are a heavy band. They’re brand of sludge-infused fuzz-covered doom is like the shifting of tectonic plates, albeit a little faster… but not by much.



The future looks very bright for Acid Throne and their set on the Jägermeister stage on the Sunday of the festival is sure to be riff-heaven. Don’t take our word for it, the band had this to say when asked about playing the festival and what fans can expect from their set:

To tell you the truth, we’re still stunned to have won our local round of Metal 2 the Masses & we’re enormously grateful to have been plucked from the crowd to play alongside some incredible bands. We played our first ever gig at the end of March 2022 in the first round of the competition in Norwich. We hadn’t released our demo at that point, & it was the only show we could get without a promoter having heard us first. Much to our surprise, we got through the first round, & then worked our way through the heats before scooping the crown at the final! We’ve all been making music since we were teenagers & it’s safe to say that this is a career highlight for each one of us. Enormous thanks go out to everyone that came out to show their support!

Our live show’s a total riff-fest. Broadly speaking, we’re a stoner/doom band, but we all spent our youth playing in punk rock & hardcore bands, so I wouldn’t call us heavy-metal purists by any stretch. We pull influences everywhere we can, from classic rock to black metal, & some of that definitely influences our sound. Expect to have your ear drums turned to dust by crushing doom. It’s a death march to the smoke-filled land. If you like to bang your head, you’ll dig our set.


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